VFNO 2011 & Prosecco 4OR |31/08/2011|

The innovative Prosecco 4OR Extra Dry DOC will accompany the event organized in Milan by Vogue VFNO on the 8th September, at the young stylist Gianluca Saitto's studio. His latest creations in collaboration with the artist Daniela Forcella will be presented, a "sculptured dress"; a mix of fabrics and unusual forms. Furthermore, there will be presented a preview of the F/W 2011 collection inspired by 1700's but declined in a rock version. This inspiration came from Gianluca Saitto collaboration with Gianna Nannini during her last tour. We aspect a good turnout at the dress maker's Studio in via Ponte Vetro, Brera zone, Milan… from 6.30 PM onwards.

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