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Anna Spinato’s Nouveau: taste of autumn

The 2019 harvest has just ended and the demanding joy for the grapes pick up has already turned into the very first wine, the Nouveau. For Anna Spinato, the Nouveau has a particular meaning: it is a gift to unwrap straight away, a celebration before celebrations, a preview of the wine that will be created, a nature’s poem to taste. We have learnt to love this wine, which tells of future wines, interprets autumn tastes, is dressed in a young way; a fresh and bright wine, all to be breathed and tasted round the fireplace, better with your hands into a basket of roasted chestnuts!

We have asked Anna where her passion for the Nouveau wine comes from, a passion that, these days, has involved all of us. Her answer has left us speechless and has confirmed that Anna’s success has two secrets: sensitivity, not only for wine, and love for nature and the good things. We were in the cellar, holding our glasses, with no pens and paper, so we need to use our memory: but we are sure of have fully understood the meaning and we will try to write it down:

“…my passion for the Nouveau? It is a memory suggestion: it reminds me of the passionate young love stories in summer, all to be enjoyed and tasted, by which it is fantastic to let yourself be overwhelmed, even if you know that time will suggest and lead to other choices. This wine is like that, it lives only for a season but it is intense, enchanting, passionate and you will never forget about it! At least until the next season, when you will find another Nouveau to let yourself be captivated by! Too jaunty as an answer? If you wish, I can be more serious and tell you that the story of this “youngster” is rooted in the countryside culture of “new” wine but, through the carbonic maceration process, it goes beyond the simple meaning of first of the season to become taste of autumn, fruity sweetness, fire heat, so… it becomes the wine which did not exist earlier, not a new wine but the Nouveau! And then, with no doubts, the Nouveau finds its own origin in the traditions of our land but overcomes them with the power of innovation and fully represents our values, those written on our website homepage: the heritage of tradition, the strength of innovation“.

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