anna spinato

Taste with Andrea the wines signed by Anna Spinato!

Still white wines: wines for any occasion. Word of your Personal Trainer of Taste!

The appointments with the enologist Andrea Morlin continue also this week, to guide you through the intriguing journey to discover Anna Spinato’s wines. A stimulating path full of contents, created on purpose for you, to keep you updated and enrich your knowledge of the world of Italian wines, made out of love and passion for the land and for the good things.

Andrea’s new video-tastings are pleasant to watch and easy to understand and, above all, represent the story of the wine told by those who created it. This week, Andrea will help you explore still white wines: elegant, fragrant, full of character but always capable of conquering you. Fascinating wines which become unique in Anna Spinato’s hands, capable of seductive interpretations that have won prizes and medals in worldwide wine competitions!

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Here are this week videos: