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Wine trends: the demand for non-alcoholic wines is growing!

According to a survey conducted by the International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR), the consumption of non-alcoholic (or low alcohol) wines will grow by 31% by 2024.

Even the 2020 Global Trend by Wine Intelligence includes non-alcoholic wines among the types of “alternative wines” to keep an eye on with a broad index of future opportunities.

In particular, the Wine Intelligence study highlights how the interest in wines without and / or with less alcohol is growing in Northern European countries, such as Finland and Sweden, and in the Asian city-states of Singapore and Hong Kong, especially in the consumers aged 21-34.

Analyzing the reasons that lead to choose non-alcoholic or low alcohol wines, Wine Intelligence reveals that consumers prefer them for taste, because they allow them to maintain a good clarity of mind, to manage driving responsibility, for reasons related to well-being and to consume fewer calories, compared to a traditional wine.

Reasons that Anna Spinato knows very well, so much so that already 6 years have passed since the international launch of Gocce di Luna, the winery’s first non-alcoholic wine that has already earned great success in important markets such as Japan and Russia, but which is projected towards the conquest of new consumers all over the world.

Gocce di Luna is the 100% organic sparkling grape juice that makes everyone agree andoffers the possibility to satisfy the consumer who prefers to avoid alcohol but does not want to give upa nice glass of sparkling wine to toast together!

How is it made? After being soft pressed, the must is cooled to a temperature of around zero degrees C to inhibit any alcoholic fermentation and amplify the soft aromas of the grapes. Then, some natural carbon dioxide is added to animate Anna’s non-alcoholic sparkling wine with creamy bubbles. The result is a drink with only 47kcal per 100ml, compared to the 85kcal of a glass of alcoholic wine.

And then there is the packaging, one of the distinctive traits of Gocce di Luna: the recyclable film that covers the entire bottle is expressed with an elegant pearl white dress which enhances the golden details and expresses a modern, unique and very Italian design!

wine non alcoholic - gocce di luna