The identity of Anna Spinato Winery coincides with almost a century of history of a tenacious Venetian family who has developed a deep bond with the territory that, from the banks of the Piave river, reaches the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, an enchanting area able to offer the gift of beauty and the privilege of good things. The passion for the land and good wine has passed through generations and today, Anna Spinato, together with her son Roberto, is at the helm of the winery and creates Doc and Docg wines typical of the territory, such as Valdobbiadene, Prosecco, Raboso and Malanotte: excellent local wines alongside wines from international vines capable of meeting the taste and the needs of worldwide markets.


Anna Spinato Winery is lucky to live in a marvellous land that deserves love and respect, thanks to the delicate, natural equilibrium that supports it. Knowledge and love have always guided the company in the search for the best combinations of soils, microclimates and winemaking systems to obtain wines capable of enhancing the aromas of our vines and the unmistakable “flavor” of this land. Anna and her son Roberto decided to create wines typical of this region, such as Valdobbiadene, Prosecco, Raboso and Malanotte, alongside wines from international vines capable of expressing and enhancing the unique and distinct characteristics of our land. A shrewd choice revealing not only the love of traditions, but also the desire to open to new possibilities in the world – a philosophy that should inform our way of thinking and our wines.

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Organic and colorful, for those who are young in their head and heart: here is the new bottle signed by Anna Spinato! Purest organic wines enclosed in shapes and colors conveying the spirit of fun, a winning combination to live the feast of encounters and to find out flavors and aromas that tell the taste of good things and the joy of well-being. Let yourself be charmed by Anna Spinato’s new bottles: magical blends of innovation, creativity, design and a lot of health. The proof that you can be beautiful, nice and cool!

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