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Anna Spinato’s Organic Wines


The first organic product of Anna Spinato Winery is Prosecco DOC Brut Organic. It was born in 2012 and today is a “must” in Europe and the world with two unforgettable bottles, tailor-made to accompany the most elegant dinners or to interpret the tastes of the youngest.

Whatever the preferred bottle, the wine is always a Prosecco with delicate and harmonious aromas of citrus fruits and white flowers. Its colour is straw yellow with fine and persistent bubbles that convey joy and the desire to toast. The sip is lively, fresh and reveals the typical sapidity of the wines of the territories of the Piave river.

To be enjoyed with finger food, during the aperitif.



Prosecco DOC Rosé Organic comes from the encounter of the Glera grape with the Pinot Noir grape. In the glass, it welcomes you with its fine, pale pink bubbles. On the nose, citrus and mineral notes stand out and blend with the more intense fruity fragrances of Pinot Noir, reminiscent of currants and pomegranate. The sip is fresh and creamy. An intriguing sparkling wine as an aperitif that goes perfectly with tomato-based dishes.



Pink outside and inside! This is how this magical blend of red grapes from our area is, capable of giving a surprising sparkling wine dressed in an attractive intense pink. The nose is thrilled by the fruity notes of currants and wild strawberries. In the mouth it is long, complex and closes with intriguing floral aromas of violets that light up with a splendid balsamic vein. Try it with Margherita pizza.



The result of a careful selection of white grapes, the Cuvée Organic shows intense aromas of fresh and crunchy fruit. In the mouth, it immediately strikes for its structure and then surprises for the balance between fresh notes, aromatic components and fruity hints. Really elegant, it is a sparkling wine capable of exciting.

Definitely, the best match is company.



The yellow Moscato grapes from the Euganean Hills give the glass an intense yellow colour. The nose is fascinating: always rich and aromatic, it recalls yellow fruit and sage lying on a bed of soft floral fragrances. The sip is sweet but always sapid and fresh. Perfect to accompany leavened cakes and custard-based desserts.


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