anna spinato

Pink: the colour of your Summer!

Summer is here and gives, everyday, magical moments to live in a big way. The secret to make every moment special? Anna Spinato’s amazing rosé wines!

Each season has its perfect wine and Anna has decided that pink is the right colour for the warmest season of the year! How can we not agree with her? Young people and the fashion business confirm it with constant passion, especially among the Millennials. And then, Rosé is the wine to be fully enjoyed, ideal with summer dishes, capable to involve, perfect to make every memory unforgettable.

How to make rosé wine? We choose the best red grapes of the area and leave their skins in contact with the must for few hours, just the time to obtain the unique texture, colour, harmony and the unmistakable flavours that, every year, allow us to win the best worldwide awards.

Which is the best moment to enjoy Anna’s sparkling Rosé Extra Dry? A magical aperitif at the beach, while admiring the sunset. What’s better? Probably nothing, but let yourself be enchanted by the red fruits fragrance and the finest bubbles and pair it with fish and shellfish dishes: you will tell me then…

Rosé Organic Brut ReWArt: the friend that everyone wants! Its vivid colours and the delicious floral hints of violet make it the perfect buddy for an evening together with friends eating hamburgers, hot dogs and chips.

Long live the tradition and long live the territory! The Rosato IGT Trevenezie, with its elegance, freshness and flavour, matches perfectly with the taste of the Italian summer! Try it with spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce!

But the story of Anna Spinato and her Rosé wines is not over yet! A new wine is coming soon, all pink and bubbles… stay tuned: you will be the first one to discover the flavour and the name of the Rosè wine that will worldwide shine!