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Risotto with Radicchio di Treviso IGP

For this Christmas, Anna wanted to share with you her special recipe for a first course made with excellent products from her land: risotto with Treviso Radicchio IGP creamed with Piave Vecchio DOP (aged) cheese.

Are you ready?



Arborio rice, 160gr

Red onion, half

Butter, 25gr

Light vegetable broth, 1.2l

Radicchio di Treviso IGP, a stalk

Piave VecchioDOP cheese, 150gr

Anna Spinato’s Cabernet Sauvignon, half glass

Pink pepper, to taste




Cut the Treviso Radicchio IGP in small strips. Melt 1/3 of the butter in a saucepan and add the chopped red onion. Simmer on low heat for few minutes. Add the rice and, while stirring, let it toast for 2 minutes. Blend with half glass of Anna Spinato’s Cabernet Sauvignon.


Add a ladleful of brothfrom time to time, stirring, as the previous one is absorbed. Halfway through the cooking, add the radicchio, keeping aside some tips as garnish.


After about 15 minutes,the rice will be cooked. Turn off the heat and cream it with the remaining butter and the grated Piave Vecchio DOP cheese.

Serve the risotto garnishing it with radicchioflakes, pink pepper and chips of Piave Vecchio DOP cheese.

Pair it with a glass of Anna Spinato’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

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