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Listen to your Personal Trainer of taste

The health emergency may also limit physical encounters but it will not stop our desire for relationships with friends and customers! That is exactly what we were thinking of when we gave birth to the new Anna Spinato project,which has our enologist Andrea Morlin involved in video-tastings, pleasant to watch and easy to understand: the story of the wine told by those who created it.

In short, from now on you will have your Personal Trainer of taste available online, to guide you in the tastings, with always new videos that will allow you to discover the aromas, flavours and secrets of the wines of our land.

Today, we start with the stories of Prosecco DOCG and DOC in their different and fascinating interpretations. Follow our enologist during the visual, olfactory and gustatory analyses, explore the origin of the grapes and discover the thousand attentions that Andrea reserves for Anna Spinato’s wines: perfect creations that have enchanted international experts and achieved a lot of gold medals worldwide.

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Check out this week videos: